Meet the moisturizer that has been saving my skin!!!

SO if you are a YT follower of mine you might know that my skin is currently suffering through some major eczema right now. Its very red, rashy, dry, flakey  and itchy. Everything you DON'T want your skin to be. It is actually all around my mouth. 

I have been on the HUNT and been trying EVERYTHING to try calm my skin and get it back to normal. I will say that this moisturizer is amazing!!!!

Now, my eczema is NOT gone and it has not cured it BUT this moisturizer has calmed and soothed the irritation completely. I use this in the morning before I apply makeup and I also use it at night before I go to bed. Like I said, not only does this baby moisturize....but it realllllly calms and soothes the irritation from my eczema around my mouth. 

I love this moisturizer!! It is like heaven sent!! 

Hope you all enjoyed this!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!!!