Hello Everyone!!

Today I share with you my very first Nars blush. I know my VERY first!! I have never owned a Nars blush before but I have heard so many amazing things of course. The very famous "Orgasm" blush was definitely on my list but not on the top of my list. There are so many dupes for that blush so I decided to purchase one that I thought was truly unique.

This is Nars Luster. It is a beautiful apricot bronzey color with a golden sheen. The sheen is absolutely beautiful on the cheeks. It compliments my bronzer so well. It also adds so much warmth to my cheeks and adds a beautiful glow. 

This blush will be beautiful for the summer time. I definitely think the quality is worth the price tag!!! I will have this blush for a very very long time :)

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!!!