Well Hello There

Today I have some amazing brow products to share with you!! These products are the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and Clear Brow Gel. 

A year ago I wasn't really into any brow products. I have pretty thick and full brows so I never felt the need to purchase products that enhance that feature. BUT OH HOW IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!! Enhancing your brows can really give your face definition and frame your face!!

I purchased both of these products from Ulta but they are also available at Sephora as well.

The brow wiz is a waxy pencil that can fill in sparse parts of your brows. The amazing part about this product is the actual pencil is so thin so it gives a more natural appearance to the brows. The color I am in is Soft Brown. The spooly on the other side is great for combing through your brows after applying the product. I do have to say the spooly does feel like it pulls my brows too much. I would prefer something that doesn't pull at my brows as much.

The other product is the Clear Brow Gel. I have used brow gel for many years and have tried a lot of drugstore alternatives but this brow gel is above and beyond. It sets your brows all day long without budging BUT it doesn't leave that crunchy feeling to the brows. This stuff is amazing!! It has a thinner consistency and amazing hold!!!

SO I love these brow products....I definitely think they are must-haves for your makeup routine. I do not necessarily think these specific ones are the end all be all brow products but I DO really enjoy them and think they enhance my brows in a very natural way!!

Hope you enjoyed this post!! Thanks for visiting and Have a great day!