Hello Everyone!!!
I am so excited to share with you some new NYX Butter Glosses. I continue to rave and rave about these lip products but really they are just my favorite. I have also been on the hunt for these new ones and I have finally FOUND THEM!! haha

The top color swatched is Raspberry Tart. This is a sheer purple berry color. The next one is Angel Food cake. This is a mauve rose color and very similar to Tiramasu butter gloss. The next one is Cupcake which is a bright neon pink watermelon color. The last one is Sugar Cookie. This one is a neon purpley fuchsia pink....ya Im bad at describing that one haha

I just LOVE THESE!!!!! I highly suggest them. I love them. They are the best. I have to say I really love the Angel Food Cake and I reallllly love Cupcake. It is actually VERY comparable in color to MAC Impassioned lipstick and would be the perfect gloss topper for that lip color.

I highly suggest these especially for the summer time!!

Have a great day!!