Hello Everyone!!!!

Today I have a couple items from the Maybelline Go Nude Collection that came out....actually kind of awhile ago. I had SUCH a hard time finding any of the products from this collection but finally I came across them at my local CVS. 

They actually were mixed in with the regular collection but luckily I saw it hidden behind the regular collection items!!....Must mean I was desperate or something??

Anyways I got one of the limited edition color tattoos in Pure Nude and then the limited edition Elixir in Radiant Bloom.

I already love both of these products tride and true. The color tattoos are just amazing bases for eyeshadow. As the Elixirs are just amazing for a glossy balm lip color!

The Pure Nude color is very similar to the permanent line color called Barely Branded. The difference is this has more silvery white cast rather than that champagney yellow cast. It has the same amount of sheen and look very similar on the lid.

The Elixir in Radiant Bloom is a perfect nude gloss. It has a very sheer light wash of bubblegum pink. I love this color to top over my nude lipsticks...It gives it dimension and glossy shine!! I believe this color is more flattering on a nude lipstick rather than on its own.

I love the colors of the Go Nude collection. These are very nice to add to your collection. Although the Pure Nude you can probably just pass on and grab Barely Branded.....but this color Elixir. in Radiant Bloom is definitely worth a look..grab it now...They are limited edition!!!! :)

Hope you all had a great day!!