Hello Everyone!!!!

I am sharing a new product that I have been using a ton lately!! This is the Urban Decay Naked Gloss. This color is in Lovechild. It is a light basic pink color. The application is pretty sheer but gives a nice wash of color.

This runs for about $20 at Ulta or Sephora. I absolutely love the color range from the Naked Gloss collection. They are all neutral subdued tones that are perfect.

The best part about these is they feel super moisturizing and NOT sticky at all!!! They are quite addicting to apply. This color in particular leaves a slight hint of color on my lips as the gloss wears throughout the day!!! The color is leaves behind is also so pretty and very natural looking....not a gross weird stained pink color...which is good...

The one thing I'm not too much of a fan is the scent. It has a very slight minty menthaly scent but also has a plasticy chemically scent to it. Very hard to type out a description of a scent. BUT I have to say the scent doesn't last at all...Most people would not even notice the scent but I'm weird and I notice those kinds of things.

That is all for today!!!! Thanks so much for visiting!!