Hello Everyone!!!

This is going up a little late tonight. This week has been kind of crazy with work and I have been sick YUCK!! I am so ready for warmer weather...and by warmer I mean at least 30 to 40s...is that so much to ask!?

Ok so today I have some new butter glosses to share with you!!!! I seriously want to find every new color of butter gloss but these are the only 2 I could find!!!

This is Madeline and Fortune Cookie. They are both nude glosses. Madeline has a little more brown in it. I actually compared Madeline to Tiramasu and they are extremely similar but Madeline has a little more brown in it.....both nice nude glosses though. Fortune Cookie is a very peachy almost concealer nude color but very sheer. It almost applies as a clear gloss. I think it softens the look of any lip color you put on underneath

LOVE these glosses. I will love them till the end of time!! haha

Have a great day!!