Today I have the most anticipated NAKED 3 Palette. 

I am sure  most of you have seen swatches or comparisons...BUT if you haven't here you are!!

I actually purchased this at the beginning of December from Sephora. 

Of course this is the 3rd edition of the Naked palettes (4th I guess with the Naked Basics). It comes with 12 eyeshadows that are all of course in the neutral tone range. 

This palette is most unique out of the other 2 because this has a lot more rosey pink tones. This palette has 3 matte colors and the rest have shimmer or even some chunkier glitter in. 

I do have to say there is one "DUD" in the palette. I would say that color is Dusk. It is very chunky glitter and the pigmentation isn't as buttery as the others. 

The rest of the colors have the amazing buttery creamyness of your typical Urban Decay shadows. 

I think these tones are great for everyone but I really think fair skin and light eyes (green especially!) will really find this palette compliments you!!! 

Overall, I do love this palette as I love the others......Which Out 1, 2 or 3 do I love the most? I would say my favorite is the Naked 2. I love the cooler taupey tones for my skintone and eye coloring. But I do love all of them!! They are amazing palettes and if you don't have any....I highly suggest picking up at least one of them :)

Have a great weekend!!!