No Buy January...Can I Do It???

January 1, 2014

Hello Everyone...

This is a picture post. 

But yet.... this is serious business. I am going to attempt a NO BUY for January...

This means: no clothes, no makeup....nothing that I don't NEED.

Of course I will still buy shampoo and conditioner...toothpaste....ya know things I need. 

BUT I will not buy any sort of clothing OR makeup that I dont need....If I somehow run out of something OF COURSE I will be buying it :)

I've never done anything like please pray for this might be the hardest thing I do. haha (yes I am Erin and I am a shopaholic!)

Im so dramatic...moving on....

You might see new clothing in posts...but that is because it is already purchased and paid for before 1/1/14. :)

Alright.....Cheers to 2014!!!

Happy New Year