Fashion Trend Fails

Fashion Trend Fails by absolutelyairs featuring aldo shoes

There were JUST some fashion trends this past year I could NOT DO. They might have worked for you but I just couldn't do them.

1. Animal Print Sweaters. Many fashionistas loved this trend this past year. I just couldn't do it. I can't wear a sweater with an actually animal on it....only prints...I can do leopard print...yup thats about it. A sweater with a hedgehog or a fox...just can't sorry ladies! This one was not for me.
2. Sneaker Wedges: These are just nottt attractive on. They made me look stumpier...if I am wearing a wedge I want them to slim my legs and make me look taller....not like a tree stump. They just were not my style and I couldn't do this one either.
3. Crop Tops: NO WAY was I about to share a mid-driff with anyone. I am 26 which yes I am still young...BUT NO WAY...I am just too modest I guess but crop tops were a no for me and to me...not flattering AT ALL
4. High-Low Skirts: Ever since this trend came out I could not do it....I think these are sooo unflattering on girls. They do not compliment the legs or do justice for any body shape. This was again a no-go.

So those are my fashion trends...I JUST COULDN'T DO for 2013. Share some of yours down below!!!!

Have a great Tuesday!