Is your dry winter skin thirsty??? I found the perfect thrist quencher for your skin this winter!!!!!!

This is the Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Hydrating Serum. I have heard many of my favorite beauty bloggers talk about serums and in particular this serum. 

Serums at first at made me nervous....I was scared it would break me out or making me look oily and greasy. 

I have to say doesn't...especially this one!!! I use this serum only though when I am realllly feeling dry. I will use it a couple days a week not daily. It is a thin serum that I just apply after I use my cleanser and before I use my moisturizer. I always layer this underneath my moisturizer. It just adds major hydration to my skin and makes my skin feel refreshed and feeling great. 

I always use this at night rather than during the day to eliminate that feeling of greasiness with my makeup. 

I have to say if you need hydration in your skin this is the perfect fix. After a night of using this I always feel like my skin is looking radiant and glowy :)

Hope this review has helped your dry skin problems ;)