Another edition of the dry skin syndrome.....

So EVERY year I suffer from winter skin on my legs. I get suppperrr dry and SUPER itchy legs. I have tried just about everything for this problem. 

I had heard that Lush's Dream Cream was great solution to this problem and helped with eczema. SOOO naturally I felt the need to try it :)

AND IT WORKS. Thank goodness I finally found the solution to my leg issues! haha It is a regular lotion to me...nothing special. It has a little bit of a methol-y and herbally scent. The fragrance isn't too strong which is fine. As you put it on your legs, it has a cooling effect and for me a lot of itchy relief!!!

I use this every other day on my legs and it WORKS!! When I stop using it (which I did try to stop), my winter itchy skin comes back!!!

SO If you have DRY itchy skin try the Lush Dream Cream...It might be life changing like it was for me haha...thats a bit much I know...but I DO love it :)

Have a great day and Stay Warm