Hello Everyone!!!

So I have a new skincare product RAVE!!!!

This is Lush Let The Good Times Roll. They say that this is their seasonal popcorn-inspired facial cleanser. I don't know why it's called popcorn because it smells like banana bread...fresh out of the oven...smells like a sweet banana desert....I don't know but it smells sooo GOOD!!

The look of it was very strange to me...It kind of look likes puddy and the texture is kind of like cookie dough!! haha It makes me want to put it in the oven and eat....but be sure to know...that this is not food!!

So I take about a quarter size amount on my hand and run my hand under some water. I rub the product between my fingers and then scrub away on my face. 

The cleanser has the smallest exfoliating beads (kind of like Proactiv) to gently exfoliate your skin and the rest of the cleanser leaves a nice amount of moisture on your face so you don't feel dry or tight. It is the BEST exfoliating cleanser I have tried in a very long time!!!! 

AND its our lucky day because they are going to make this a permanent cleanser instead of just seasonal because of the hype it is getting!!!

Here is the link to purchase (not an affiliate link): Lush Let The Good Times Roll

I highly highly suggest this lovely cleanser and let me know how it works for you!!!!! :)

Have a great day!

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