Ok so I am FINALLY reviewing this on my blog!!!!!....Holy smokes...FINALLY right??

So I had been picked from the Influenster program to try out the new Ponds Luminous Finish BB+ Cream. I had been entered into a contest and everything. I gave a testimonial to my love for the product and why I loved it......The video is now on private because as much as I love the product it was a "phony" video. 

I wanted to give my REAL review here on my blog!!!!

So Ponds Luminous BB + Cream comes in only 2 colors: Light and Medium.  I had received the light and medium shades. Medium was perfect for summer and Light will be perfect for winter for my skin tone. I am actually right inbetween the shades right now so I just mix them half and half. It is kind of a bummer that its only in 2 shades...I wish there were more. 

The finish is a satin finish. It is NOT greasy which I tend to find most bb creams from the drugstore are. It does have the typical "ponds" scent which is not bad. 

It blends like a dream...It really blends INTO the skin rather than on top of the skin. It also has an SPF of 15 which is PERFECT :) It doesn't last all day but it lasts long enough. It wears even more amazing underneath foundation

I really do LOVE this BB Cream. I think it is the best one from the drugstore that I have tried. It blends beautifully and is NOT greasy. I highly suggest is for every skin type!!!!

Have a fabulousssss DAY!!