Hello Everyone!!!

Don't worry everyone...that last picture I am not flicking you or my primer off I swear. :)

So Today I have a quick review of the Benefit PoreFessional. 

This is an oldy to most but a newbie to me!!! I was super excited to get this a couple months ago and to be honest at first I wasn't really excited or anxious to use it. It actually sat in my makeup drawer for a couple weeks before it got used. 

So obviously this is a primer. The main use of this primer is to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines. This particular primer does not have the super slick feeling like a Smashbox Photofinish primer but it does have still a slightly slick feeling. It has a tint to it but it goes on like a skin tone and really has a no color finish. 

I find that this primer works best when you pat it in rather than rub it in. It truly does a great job and minimizing pores and some smaller fine lines on my forehead.....yet it doesn't completelyyyy diminish them. It makes my makeup last a lot longer which is definitely a plus as well. I would say it makes it lasts up to a good 3 to 4 hours longer than my foundation wears...depending on my day :) I find it works best with an actual foundation rather than a  BB cream or tinted moisturizer. 

Overall Its a great product for any skin type. I wouldn't say its a MUST have for everyone but its a nice product...especially if you have very enlarged pores!

Hope you enjoyed the review!!!