Hello Everyone!!!

So I totally forgot to take pictures of this before I started using it so I apologize for the poor blush part. 

Today I have Benefit's box blush in Rockateur. I have never owned a Benefit box blush before so this is my first one!!! Benefit calls this the "rose gold" blush.  I was completely drawn to this blush because it seems like a very natural toned blush. I love natural toned blushes because they give me a fresh faced look. This blush does have a shimmer to it. When you look at it intially you may want to run away because of the major shimmer almost glitter you see. When you apply this blush however it gives the most beautiful natural sheen to your cheeks. It almost acts as a highlight. 

I personally like wearing this over other blushes to give them a sheen. I also just like wearing it alone. When I wear this I never wear a highlight because of the sheen from this blush. 

 One of the downfalls I have noticed is the smell. I don't really like that Benefit florally smell from the product. I also found that it is hard to get the product out of the box because the product starts so deep in the actual box. I find it hard to get on to my brush and then on to my face. Also if you have deeper skin tones I would say this would act more of a highlight than a blush for you. 

Overall I love this blush though and I think its a great purchase!!! I have used the heck out of it since I purchased it as you can tell in the pictures!!!

Have a great day!