Hello Everyone!!
Happy Tuesday!!!!

SO I have a fun "IS IT WORTH THE HYPE!?!?!" Product for you!!!!

Hand Food by Soap and Glory has been a rage from many many people claiming its just such an amazing hand cream!!! Claims that it hydrates and smells amazing!!!

Well I decided to try it out myself!!! I have been using it nightly before bed for about the past month. I will say the smell is very pleasant. It smells a bit baby powdery but not too intense or overpowering which tends to happen when you have the "baby powder" scents. 

As far as the job it does....It's a hand cream. Does it change my life? NO. Is it a nice treat? YES. This Hand Food is around $5 for the smallest size.

Overall Its fine. Its a hand cream. It hydrates enough but not overly hydrates and it does smell very nice.
I would say that you could find something similar at the drugstore!!!

Would I re-purchase?? Yeah probably :):)