Hello Everyone!!!

Today I have a follow-up review for you all!!!! I have done a recent review on some products I have purchased from a skincare company called Michael Todd True Organics. If you are interested I have a 20% off your entire purchase right here: Michael Todd True Organics

The company is truly organic products. Their products are based off of organic aloe vera juice which as we all know aloe vera is soothing and calming to the skin so I was super excited to try out this skincare line!!

My Initial Thoughts: I fell in love with this cleanser!!! It really deep cleans. It has a gel consistency (as you can see below) and lathers well into the skin. It is very soothing and gentle on the skin but after I rinse off the cleanser my skins feels so squeaky clean!!! It melts any makeup on your face so BONUS! It has a great lemony sugary scent that wakes up the scent in the morning. 

Thoughts Now: I still LOVE this cleanser. I think I love even more so than before. I have gone through it almost all of it!! Bonus plus the pump makes it very sanitary as well :)

My Initial Thoughts: The texture is very nice. It is not to thin but not too thick. Although the texture is great the performance isn't perfection. I used it in the morning after cleansing my face with the Honey and Oat Deep Pore Cleanser. As I continued using it, it was very shiny and a little sticky on the skin. It didn't really soak into the skin to hydrate. Although it didn't perform well on my skin, it didn't break me out or cause irritation. 

Thoughts Now: I do not use it in the morning now and actually use it before I go to bed. The "shininess" on my skin did not lay nicely with my makeup so I switched up the purpose. I have been using it at night now for 2 weeks and I like it better. It still leaves a sticky and shiny feel to my face but I don't mind it when I am sleeping so it's not a big deal. Overall, I still wouldn't repurchase it but I will use it up :)

My Initial Thoughts: This cream was a great product for tightening up everything!! I started using this at night before I would go to bed. I had to work fast with this..in sections...to blend this in. It lays great under makeup but the only thing it didn't do was hydrate my skin...but there are no claims for being a moisturizer so I can't judge it for that!

Thoughts Now: The product still does amazing things! It really tightens up the skin and helps to really "face lift". I have actually switched this up to using this in the morning underneath my makeup...and I actually prefer it this way. If I need more moisture I will use a bb cream OR a moisturizer on top!! 

Final Thoughts: I love this skincare line. It feels great on my skin. My skin is softer and more youthful. The price point is not that bad and I believe that it is completely worth investing in your skincare. At the end of the day its the only skin you have and makeup washes right off :) :)

Have a great day!