Hello Everyone!!!

I have been loving MAC products lately....especially my new love for Melba. A very popular blush that I had yet to try....and I had to try it out because...well of the name!!

My grandmother (My mom's mom) who has now passed...her name is Melba...and well I had to try out this blush for the name :) :)

Anyways, besides the fact that it has a great name.....I LOVE this blush! It is going to be a favorite from season to season. It is a nice peachy pink matte blush. It is completely matte which when you swatch can look a bit bland....but this is NOT chalky at all. It is super pigmented and so blendable!!

I now know why everyone just loves it! Its a perfect shade for many skin types. If you are looking for a new blush to try and have NOT yet tried Melba (which I might be one of the last people on earth who has a makeup obsession to try this blush)...I highly suggest it :)

Have a wonderful WEDNESDAY!!