So I found this makeup deal....BUT it is NOT online...which is such a bummer. I actually found this in store through the lady that was helping me. She had said what a great deal this was and BOY IT IS!!!

So I got the MakeUp ForEver 3 Steps For  A Perfect Lip Kit. I picked the Pink/Beige Lip. The combo includes a lab shine lip gloss and a aqua lip liner....FULL SIZE and then you pick your lip "rouge aka lipstick to purchase seperately for the the kit to become complete.

I scored this Aqua Lip and Lab Shine for $6.99!!!!! Each of these products are $18 to $19 a piece!! I didn't even expect them to be full size when I walked out to buy them. 

So if you go to your Sephora....look out for this set because it is a great deal. 

The aqua lip liner DOES NOT budge and it very long lasting as well as being creamy and super pigmented. The Lab Shine is very sheer but has a very pretty rosey sheen sparkle to it that would go beautifully over the lip liner alone!!!

I am super pumped about this lip combo!!! So yet again I will scream...CHECK THIS OUT! haha :)

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