Hello Everyone!!!

This was recently featured in my April Favorites (which I will link towards the bottom if you want to see all my favorite products for April!!) This is the Tarte Hotel Heiress Bronzer. 

This is a super deep golden bronzer. I LOVE this for the summer time. It glides on sooo smoothly!!!! This also lasts ALL DAY! I swear this stuff for me is like sweatproof....It doesn't state that it is a waterproof bronzer but Im pretty sure for me my skin....its waterproof haha. 

Again this is a very deep bronzer. I picked this up for the summer time. It does have a golden sheen to it but it is not sparkly or have chunky glitter in it. Its just a subtle golden sheen that gives you a bronzed sunkissed look!

It is SUPER SUPER pigmented. If you have fair skin, I suggest going to the park ave princess bronzer. If you have deeper skin I suggest this bronzer for you. I get pretty dark in the summer so this is a perfect summer bronzer for me but for now I need a super light hand if I use it :)

The best thing about Tarte Cosmetics is that you know your investing into something that is amazing for your skin. Their products are never harmful. I have never had any breakouts or problems using their products....It is BY FAR my favorite makeup company!!!

I purchased this at Ulta (http://www.ulta.com/) for $29.