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Happy Monday and Nail Of The Week!!

So today's polish is one I just featured in my Makeup Haul (which I will post down below)

It is Revlon's Girly and Revlon's Flirt. I was going to feature just Girly but then I realized...Girly and Flirt belong with each other....and here's why...

 Revlon in Girly (above)

Revlon in Flirt (above)

Revlon Girly all by itself

Revlon Flirt all by itself

Girly and Flirt layered!

So as you can see in the pictures above...the first swatch was of Girly all by herself...It doesn't have a strong enough pink opaqueness to really cover my nail. It is still beautiful but this polish is better with another color layered underneath it. The second swatch is of Flirt alone. It is a beautiful pink with purple undertones. The third swatch is of Flirt layered underneath Girly....BEAUTIFUL! It is the perfect combination!!!!

So if you expected Girly to be really opaque...don't. It has a milky sheer pink that covers your nail nicely but I really think Girly looks better with her friend Flirt.

You can now purchase both of these colors at any drugstore or Ulta or wherever you buy your Revlon products :)

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