Hey Everyone!!

Today is all about floral!! Floral is ALWAYS a trend for a spring!!! 

This is a small printed floral which I personally like better because bold prints can be a little too much.  The soft gray and pastel colors in the shirt are always perfect for spring which is why I love love love this outfit together :) Every spring I can pull this out and it is never out of style! :)

 Floral Sheer Shirt: Forever 21

White Cami Underneath: Old Navy

I love the fit of this shirt because it actually has a tie in the back under the bustline....which is flattering on EVERY body type because no matter who you are...that is usually where you are the smallest (and who doesn't want to accentuate their smallest part!?). It is also very long which is perfect for skinny jeans and leggings!

Gray Skinny Pants: Forever 21

Necklace: Francesca's Collections ($24)

Laser Cut (WHICH IS HUGE THIS SPRING!!) Tote: Aldo

Nude/Pink Flats: Forever 21 ($19)

Love Ring: Rue 21 (It was $2.99!)

So HOP into some cute floral prints that you know will be versatile every spring!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog!!!