The Week of Black Tights and Bandeau Skirts Part 1

Hey Everyone!!!!
So this is part of 3 outfits that I have put together of black tights and bandeau skirts!!!!
This first one is a mixture of patterns but very neutral!! This is perfect for a date night or even work 🙂
The black tights are Hue tights from Nordstorm Rack for cheap 🙂 I believe they were around $10. 

Polka Dot Blouse: Forever 21. I love this blouse for work…its neutral but so much fun!
Striped Bandeau Skirt: Forever 21. This is very nice quality skirt! I love it paired with the blouse. 
Whenever mixing prints, remember to pair the same colors within your prints for the perfect mixture 🙂

Earrings: Jessica Simpson

Black Suede Booties: Forever 21
Thanks so much for visiting my blog!
I will see you tomorrow for PART 2 of the week of Black Tights and Bandeau Skirts!!!!


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