Scandal Eyes Mascara Review

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So I have a mascara review today. If you checked out my January Favorites Video…you already know my thoughts!!!

This is the Volume Flash ScandalEyes Mascara by Rimmel. I have it in 001 Black. It comes in the very vibrant orange tube! This can be found at Target, Walmart or any drugstore for around $5! Love how cheap it is!
It has an amazingly large, dense, and thick brush…..which I love for volume!!!

Above is a creepy picture of me…..the left eye is WITH the mascara…..and the right eye is without mascara. That is just one coat of mascara….no primers or other mascaras with it.
Overall, I love this mascara for volume. I think the brush helps with volume for your lashes. Although, I do love this mascara….I do not enjoy it just on its own. For me personally, this mascara is a great second coat mascara. I usually use this with another mascara such as Smashbox Full Exposure or the Prestige My Blackest Lashes mascara. I highly suggest if you wear this alone to wear it with a mascara primer. This mascara tends to really grab on to anything!!
I also have to note that there does tend to be some clumping with this mascara which I do not mind especially for a second coat mascara.  If you do not like clumping at all with mascara…you won’t like this.
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