Hey Everyone!!

So I this product is an absolute FAVORITE this month and maybe my new holy grail eyeliner. 

This is the Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner. I featured the black one in another post...which I still use and love!

I got these at Walgreens for around $4.50. SUPER CHEAP! :)

These liners are the #003 brown and #005 nude liner!!!

These liners are completely smudgeable.....and when they set in and they DO NOT move and are completely waterproof.......BUT when I want them to come off at night.....it is so easily removable.....Basically the perfect formula and combination of qualities I would ever want in an eyeliner!!!!

This brown liner above is the perfect brown liner for everyday use. It is softer than a black and again...love it for everyday!

Below is the nude liner....I use this for the waterline. The nude color makes your eyes have a wide open "big eyed" effect. Most people say use a white liner but the nude liner gives a more subtles natural big eye look....I am just so excited for this....and because it is waterproof it is perfect for the waterline!!!!

Below are swatches of the Brown and Nude liner

I promise you these eyeliners will NOT fail you! I am obsessed with them!!!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!