Hey Everyone!

Here is a MAC lipstick in Angel. It is a Frost lipstick. It does have a sheen in it.

I purchased this from my Macy's for $15.

I love the color. It is the perfect pink color. If you are looking for a perfect pink shade of lipstick, I highly suggest this one. MAC lipsticks are the BEST and are super creamy! This has your typical MAC vanilla scent which I love!

Swatches are above and below.

This shade is literally perfect for so many people and compliments so many skin tones!

Sorry I wasn't able to post yesterday. My husband and I got stuck in a snow storm coming back to Green Bay from Chicago visiting my parents :)

I shot some cute spring outfits for you guys while I was down there and they will be up next week!!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


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