I give you the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray!

This is by the BEST setting spray that I have ever tried and used. 

I recently purchased this off of Urban Decay's website because they decided to repackage their setting sprays and this old packaging was on sale!

I got the XL bottle for $18! Unfortunately, this deal is no longer available on their website BUT you might be able to find it at this price at Ulta.

Fortunately, they still sell this amazing product in new packaging. It really does what it says, keeps your makeup on ALL NIGHT! I usually spray 3 or 4 times after my makeup is done. I used this on my wedding day and my makeup did not budge all day OR night. It is made by Skindinavia which makes amazing setting sprays as well.

If you have a problem with your makeup lasting all day or if you are getting married....I HIGHLY SUGGEST this product. They even sell these in the impulse buys at Sephora and Ulta....especially if you are getting married..I highly suggest trying out this product!!

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