This is the Sedona Lace 28 Neutral Palette.

I ordered this off of They also make some amazing makeup brushes which I highly suggest!!

I luckily got this palette SO CHEAP. It is originally around $18 which is very cheap as well but then it was discounted down to 13 and then I had a discount code so I ended up get 28 eyeshadows for around $10!

Obviously the shades are mostly neutral shades. It also comes with some warm browns and a black. 

There are a mixture of shimmer and matte shadows which I believe makes a perfect palette!! These are also pretty pigmented and very blendable....some more than others. Some seem to have a little bit of fall out as well but I believe the quality of these shadows are great for the price you pay!

Here are some swatches: These swatches go from left to right going from the top row to the bottom row.

I think this is a great palette for so many looks. I think quality is decent for the price you pay....definitely worth the $10! Also, check out Sedona Lace for amazing brushes!!!!! They have some absolutely amazing brushes as well as makeup!!

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