Hey Everyone!!

Here is how I wear a super cute print dress in the winter time!!

I always pair a strong print like this with neutral basics around it....because there is SO much going on on the dress.

What neutral color should you pair your print with? Take a neutral out of your print dress and make it stand out.......I chose black...I could have also chose a cream or even a light beige color. 

Print Dress: Alloy.com ....I got this dress awhile ago for my birthday!! I love it! I always wear such neutral colors so I love that this spices up my closet. 

Black Cardigan: Forever 21. A Black Cardi is an essential basic!

Black Tights: Hue from Nordstorm Rack....If I have told you once...I have told you A million times....I love hue tights and black tights are just a basic to have!!!!

I added some gold with black acent accessories:

Because there were gold studs on the dress...I went with the same tone of gold for my accessories to pull out the adorable studs in the dress!!!!

Bangles: Charlotte Russe
Teardrop Earrings: Forever 21

This particular dress has a cinched waist....so just to define that a little more I added a skinny black belt around not only the dress but the cardigan to complete a cinched waist and define my waist even more!

Black Riding Boots: Forever 21 for like 35 bucks. I love these boots. They are still available on their website...but I have had these for years...and they have surprisingly held up well!! 

Thanks so much for checking out how I style a printed dress!!!! :)