Hey Everyone!!

Polka dots ARE a huge trend right now!!!! So here is a cute and easy outfit wearing polk a dots!

Polka dot Sweater: TjMaxx for $16.99. I absolutely LOVE this sweater with the blush pink and cream!

Jeans: Loft. If you have a Loft Outlet near you....I get all my jeans from there! I got these amazing jeans for $12.99!!!!!

Scarf: Forever 21. I believe there is one very very similar at Target right now as well! 

Boots: Franco Sarto from Marshalls....These have been my boots of the season!! I LOVE THEM!

Even though Polka dots are a trend...definitely consider this trend because it is so easy to wear!! You can layer with it....wear accessories for a touch of it...there are many ways to wear Polka dots!! 

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!!