Hey Everyone

So I have been not so blessed with the most dry... flaky...chapped lips. It is SO hard to buy lipstick or lip stains because they just flake off or crease off or dry my lips out even more because of my lips. 

I have tried so many lip butters, balms, and basically every type of moisturizer.....then I found:

the Lush Sweet Lips Lib Scrub!!!

I purchased this at Lush (can be found in some Macy's)  for $7.00

Lush is all fresh handmade and all natural....which is amazing....especially when this product is going on my lips!!!

Basically this is a sugar scrub to exfoliate your lips. Ever since I have been doing this, my lips have been smoother....more hydrated....and so healthy looking!!!

What I DO:
I wet my lips with water....take a little bit and scrub scrub scrub....and then I rinse it off.....Lush did say you can lick it off your lips because I do have to say it DOES taste amazing....BUT I do not do that. After I use this, I always put moisturizer back on my lips which also helps. This process has been helping my super dry, flaky, chapped lips!!

This is just a sugar scrub and you could easily take sugar and create the same thing...but I do LOVE this product and I am not sure if I could ever live without it!

Thanks for visiting my blog!!!!!!