Hey Everyone!!

Here is what I got in my January Julep Maven box!! This box got here SOOO fast! I actually ended up receiving this box on Dec. 31st!!! I didn't even get a a shipping confirmation until January 2nd! I love how efficient and on time Julep boxes are!!!

Ok so I decided to get the Boho Glam box this month. I also decided to add an add-on polish to my box!! 

The theme of this month of was Escape and Getaway! They did a combination of neon bright colors with neutral colors...AN AMAZING bright and fun combo. This is perfect for January which can be deary cold and cloudy outside. 

Here is what I got in my box:

I got this Hand and Cuticle Stick. It has shea butter and peptides. It is the perfect size to keep in my car and it smells like sun tan lotion/coconut. Smells GOOD! :)

I got this 3 elastic hair bands! I LOVE THESE and I love these bright neon colors! These are great to wear when working out!

These are swatch me stickers from julep! They are small stickers that you can place on your nailpolish along with a swatch of the nailpolish color so you know what the color looks like!! GENIUS! :)

Here are the THREE colors from my box. The Lime Green and the Pearl Pink are the originals from the Boho Glam and the Neon purple was an add-on. 

So The bottom color is a creme finish beautiful lime green color! The middle color is a beautiful beautiful beautiful (did I say beautiful?) pearl pink color. AND the top color is a gorgeous neon purple fushia color.

The neon purple is called Bette.

The pearl pink color is called Teresa. 

The lime green is called Fiona. 

From right to left: Bette, Teresa, and Fiona. This is with 2 coats each and NO top coat. 

Teresa and Fiona are so opaque even with one coat! Bette definitely took 2 coats almost 3 to become opaque. 

These are gorgeous colors...AND I highly suggest joining to the Julep subscription if you are a nailpolish junkie like me!! :)


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