Hey Everyone!!!!
Winter Leggings are so cute and SOO comfortable and warm and cozy....and I love them.....BUT how do you wear them!??

Here is how I wear winter leggings!!

 In both outfits, I definitely feel like my bum should be covered when wearing these leggings. Also in both outfits, I just paired it with my Uggs. They are the Chestnut Short Boot Uggs. I love these because of the thicker sole on the bottom. I always look for my Ugg boots on Nordstorms but they do not have them on there....BUT I did find them on zappos.com .....check out my cozy winter outfit and I have the link for the uggs on that post.

MY Winter Leggings: Forever 21. These were from a previous year BUT they still do have ones that look almost the exact same right now on their website if you are interested :)

In this outfit, I paired it with just a plain white t-shirt and a jean skirt!!

White T-shirt: Target.....Everyone should own one of these....if you don't I am not sure why? I am also wearing this same one in the next oufit

Jean Skirt: Gap. I love this jean skirt for teaching in! I think it compliments the outfit and styles the winter legging by toning the crazy print down!

Ok this next outfit, I kept the same white long sleeve t-shirt on and just placed a chunky cardigan over it.....AND took that jean skirt off. 

Gray Waffle Cardigan: Old Navy. 

I put this cardigan on because it is long and covers my bum. It also has a super cozy look to go along with the super cozy comfy winter leggings!

Can you tell I am FREEZING in this picture!?

Again my Ultimate Short Boot Uggs in Chestnut. LOVE THEM!

That is How I Wear Winter Leggings!!! Hope you guys enjoyed!!

Thanks for visiting my blog!!!!!!!!!!