Sorry this is up so late everyone!!!

Today I actually traveled back down to the Chicagoland area where my parents live. My sister is back from college for some time BECAUSE.....

She is getting major back surgery on Wednesday. WHAT?! I know my little baby sister is getting surgery. We are all so excited and anxious for her to final win her battle with scoliosis. 

Here is brief explanation of my sister's condition:
My sister has idiopathic scoliosis. Her spine has an "S" shaped curve in her spine. Currently one of the curves is at 81 degrees. YES 81 degrees. Her back has become so curved that her rib cage has also starting rotating slightly. 

Along this story, she has been a gymnast all her life. She currently is a D1 gymnast at Utah State University on full ride. We were so proud of her and her level of athleticism. 

After many years of being in the gym and working hard to live her dream as a D1 gymnast.....She is turning in the towel and beginning a new journey in life. 

On Wednesday December 12th, she will undergo major back surgery!

She has started her own blog, to document her amazing journey. Please click here to support her and pray for her to STAND BACK UP!

Click Here:

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading my sister's story!!!!