Hey Everyone!

The drugstore has so many new things out right now. I picked up the a shade of the new Kate by Rimmel lipsticks!!!

It was about $5 at CVS. I also had a 20% off discount coupon. Never buy anything full price at CVS or Walgreens...you can always get a coupon! :)

Ok so I picked up this BEAUTIFUL nude shade. I love nude lipsticks. It is in 113. It doesn't have a name like the other Kate lipsticks. UNLIKE the other Kate lipsticks this comes in a red tube!

This nude shade has a undertone of peach rather than pink. It is pretty comparable to MAC Creme D' Nude BUT it is much peachier than the Mac shade.

You can top any gloss over this and it is a perfect nude shade. It doesn't wash out my lips or face like some nude lipsticks do. 

They have more raspberry pinkier shades as well which are beautiful!! I think there was around 3 or 4 other colors. 

All of them as well have a fruity smell/taste to them!! Which non of the other Rimmel Lipsticks do but these have a nice fruity smell!!!

I don't know if these are limited edition or not BUT go check out your local CVS!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog!!