I have something SUPER exciting for you!!! This is my Influenster Cosmo Voxbox 2012!!!!!

I am part of Influenster.com and YOU CAN BE TOO!! 

Influenster is an amazing website where you can go on take surveys, review products, and earn badges. THEN Influenster sends you free stuff!!!!.....YUP I SAID IT......FREE STUFF!!! 

So today I am sharing my amazing free products I received!!

Again I received the Cosmo Voxbox 2012 :)

On the other side of this card it gives the full size prices for these products. 

I received a nice size perfume sample of the Bath and Body Works Forever Red. It smells SO nice! It is a very sweet perfume. I think it has an underscent of vanilla. It is not too floraly or overpowering. It is a beautiful subtle sweet scent!!!

I also received the FriXion by Pilot pens. They are very nice pens and write very smoothly. I received a black pen and a red/orangish pen!!! 

I also received a full size Ghirardelli chocolate bar. This is the Sea Salt Escape bar. It is milk chocolate with sea salt and roasted almonds. THIS IS AMAZING (especially if you have your lady problems if you know what I mean). It is the perfect mixture of sweet and saltiness. I would completely buy this chocolate bar!!

I also received another full size product! It is the Venus Embrace razor. They also gave you a Venus and Olay razor refill.....ALONG with a $2 off coupon. On the card, it explains that you can exchange any venus brand razors on the razor holder?...you know what I mean. 

Anyways, Influenster asked me to decide which one I liked better.....I have to say I am loving the Venus and Olay razor! I highly suggest it. It has like a waxy smooth bar along the top and bottom of the actual razor which makes for a smooth finish!!

Alright so that is what I got for my Influenster Cosmo Voxbox 2012

If you like FREE STUFF, go check out www.influenster.com RIGHT AWAY!!! :)

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