Here is a cute and easy Holiday Outfit!!! :)

All you need is a Dress, a Statement Necklace, and Some Black Tights and KABOOM you have an amazing  outfit :)

Dress: Forever 21. This dress is quite old but its just a cute holiday dress to wear! :) It has a tweed look which is perfect for the winter time!

Statement Necklace: This is a taupey grey necklace. This is from Francesca's Collections. It was around 25. A sparkly big statement necklace is necessary for this holiday!! :)

Black Tights: Hue from Nordstorm Rack.around $10 bucks. I love the quality of Hue Tights!! Black tights are just a classic.....BUT You could also add some color and do plum tights or even deep green tights!!!

COLD?.....Add a Black Blazer over your dress. Its dressier than a cardigan or a bulky sweater. 
Black Blazer: Tjmaxx....ON THE CLEARANCE RACK! It is by the brand Olive and Oak..and it is originally around $45 and I got it for $15!....always look on clearance racks! You can find some amazing pieces :)

Shoes: Forever 21. I added these satin black bow heels. Anything that is satin and has a bow is very holiday to me!!!

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