HAPPY 12-12-12!!

Today is my sister Sam's back surgery day!!!!!!! I will be tweeting out updates ALL DAY as well as on her facebook page Stand Back Up. We will ALSO have updates on her blog www.stand-back-up.blogspot.com ....Please send her love and support!!!

Today I have reviewed an eyeshadow palette from Wet N Wild. 

This is an amazing limited edition palette from Wet n Wild for the holidays. This palette actually used to be out before and was called I <3Matte. 

They kept the same colors but renamed it Drinking A Glass Of Shine. 

These are completely matte shadows. AND Of course I love matte shadows. They blend so easily.

I found this at Walgreens for $3.99.

Like ALL Wet N Wild Palettes/Trios, they are HIGHLY pigmented. They blend soo easily. These are by far the most amazing steal for eyeshadows in the drugstore!!

The left side of the palette has a stark white, an emerald green, a bright blue, and a bright purple.

The right side of the palette has a cream nude color, a complete nude color (so nude you can't see it on my finger), a deep chocolate brown, and a black.

Again all matte and all highly pigmented. The color pay is just so great....and it is so cheap! What more could you ask for in makeup!?!?

So if you love this palette, GO GET IT NOW because it is limited edition and will not be out for long!!! So grab it while you can! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog!!!