Hey Everyone! Here is my December Julep Maven Box. 

If you do not know what Julep Maven Box is...It is a subscription service for nailpolish! CHECK IT OUT: Julep Maven

My box this month is the Boho Glam Box. 

First Thing I got is the Instant Warming Foot Scrub!!! I am super excited about this. It smells like peppermint and.....anything that scrubs your feet has to be amazing right??? Because I am a big runner...I have really gross feet (too much info?) and I think this will be an amazing product to have :)

The next thing that was sent was this Create Your Own Cabochon Ring. It is a piece of glass/plastic? and a ring holder? Apparently, you paint the piece of glass with any julep nailpolish color and you make your own cabochon ring!?

They also sent this beautiful quote and a piece of peppermint :)

This is the first color in the Boho Glam box is called Petra.

It is a magneta with silver shimmer. When you put it on your nails you can barely see the shimmer....it just gives your nails a sheen finish. Its a very pretty color for the winter time!!!

This is my second color......and yes if you are seeing what I am seeing then you know I wasn't exactly happy.

This nailpolish is called Jordan. It is a gunmetal glitter. It has small fine glitter and also some chunkier glitter. It is BEAUTIFUL....EXCEPT.....

I opened up the bottle to see why it was only half full and the nailpolish was shattered at the top. The nailpolish had leaked out of the bottle. 

Not only had it broke and leaked out but the nailpolish that was left in it was completely dried out. BUMMER

Fortunately, I got in contact with Julep right away and they are sending me a new one!!! I am so excited to receive my new bottle :)

I also had enough points to get a free add-on. So I picked Vivien from the American Beauty box. It is a beautiful gold glitter. This is a lighter more metallic gold. It has fine gold glitter and chunkier gold glitter similar to Jordan. 

So that is what I got in my December Julep Maven Box!!!! Let me know what you got in your box :)

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