Hey Everyone,

I am very excited to tell you about the SheaMa Shea Butters!!! I got sent these to try out and tell you about how they work!!

These are amazing SheaMa Butters that are so rich in vitamins!!! They have Vitamin A, E, and F. The brochure that was sent said that Vitamin F helps in healing wounds and helps eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and dermatosis.

The SheaMa Butters are also made by organic Shea Butter......which is EVEN BETTTERRR!!! We all know I love organic and natural products!!!

These are amazing because as we enter into winter my skin gets SO DRY (like so many people) and I tend to get eczema on my legs very easily! My legs become so dry and itchy and its so uncomfortable....and my normal lotion just doesn't cut it.

These are very thick and almost hard but when you warm it up into your skin....it just soaks and melts right in.

I usually applied these in the evening before bed. These tended to take some time to soak into my skin. It did leave a little bit of greasiness on my skin but to me...it just felt like it was working to hydrate....which is why I applied this in the evening rather then when I had to throw on my clothes right away. Every kind that I used seemed to work the same way and the texture was also the same.
Since I have used these my legs are much less itchy and sooo moisturized. I love this product!

This is the Milk Oat and Honey. This was probably runner up to my second favorite. The smell was so nice. It smelled like honey and oats and very fresh. It almost has an almondy smell to it. It is a yellowish color but blends into the skin very well.


This is Spiced Mahogany. This one has a strong spiced scent. This was probably my least favorite smell. Although I didn't like the scent, the scent lasted all day!!! I don't know why this was one also extra greasy on my skin. So this particular was my least favorite but the moisture it gave to my skin was amazing!!!

This one was by far my favorite one! It has a WONDERFUL smell...very fresh and herbally. It almost has a hint of lavendar.  It does look green but it doesn't look green on the skin. This was moistured my skin SOOO WELL! Any itchy I had, really diminshed and also left my skin feel super soft and smooth. If you have eczema skin or just really dry or itchy skin, I HIGHLY suggest this one. It is UH-MAZING!

This last one is the Floral Patchouli Organic Butter. This one didn't have tooo strong of a scent to me which was very nice. Although it did have a floraly scent, it smelled very fresh and had an aroma of herbs as well. I loved this one as well!!!
Overall, these Shea Butters are absolutely amazing...especially the Eczema Care Organic Butter! They really healed any dry skin I had. They are just sooo moisturizing and rich. If you have any problems with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, or just dry skin, I highly recommend these Shea Butters!!!
If you are interested in purchasing SheaMa Butters, you can go online to their website:
You can call to purchase at 240-244-9130
Happy Hydrating your Beautiful Skin!