Hey Everyone!!

This is the NYX lipstick in GALA. It is a matte lipstick. I purchased this a long time ago at Ulta on a deal. 

I got suckered into this color because it is just a really pretty pale pink!

Its almost like a baby pink color. I love baby pink colors for my lips...not too light but not too dark. 

This color really mutes out my lips....almost a little too much. It is almost like a nude but has a brightness. I think this color is sooo unique!!!

As far as the formula, I actually believe it dries out my lips. It also makes my lips look very flakey. The lasting power is not very good either. If you wear this particular color, I would definitely say wear a lipgloss over it OR wear a primer underneath for better application!

Overall a beautiful color, just not the best formula??

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!!!