Helloooo Everyoneeee

So we had picture day at a cheer all-star gym I work at...and we had to wear purple. Now I looked in my closet...I seriously don't own any purple....probably because all I wear is gray and neutrals haha.

So I went to look for a purple dress......and I found this....but its not really purple...its more like fushia....but I liked it :)...and of course it was on sale!

I liked the outfit and it seemed very cute for the upcoming holidays!!!!!!

Fushia Dress: Old Navy. It is a cloth material with a deep purple skinny belt! I love the fit. It's kind of a like a sheath dress with an a-line bottom skirt. It was on sale at Old Navy for $19. I believe it was originally around $26.

Necklace: Francesca's Collections. I got this for $24.50. I actually got this this past season. I love this statement necklace :)

Earrings: Forever 21. These were like $2. They have a taupe gray tint to it and I thought it tie in nicely with my statement necklace!

Bow Flats: Forever 21 for $19.50. These are a pewter metallic color. I LOVE these flats. I recently purchased these when I was back in IL. They aren't too sparkly where they are annoying but they are perfect sparkle to dress up any outfit.

Ok So thats my PICTURE DAY/Holiday Inspired Outfit!

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