SO HERE IS PART 2 of my Forever 21 Makeup Trial!!
I purchased this eyeliner for $1.80 from Forever 21. It is from the Love and Beauty line. The packaging it came in was so cute!!!!
This is a black retractable liner.

So the eyeliner is like a crayon. It is super waxy and extremely hard. It is NOT a creamy liner. It actually was physically painful to put it on. It did not slide on smoothly and was hard to transfer the color to line my top of lashes and the bottom of my lashes.

Although it was extremely difficult to apply, IT STAYS ON all day. The lasting power on this little product is pretty amazing. It didn't budge for me all day...no smudges...it didn't wear off....nothing.

My eye on the left is with the eyeliner (and the Foreve 21 Mega Mascara) and the eye on the right is just with the Forever 21 Mega Mascara only.

There is a close up of the eye with the eyeliner and the Forever 21 Mega Mascara

Overall, I will most likely use this product up BUT I would not re-purchase it. There are so many liners out there that are just as good even if they are a couple bucks extra. It was just so hard to apply. I wear contacts so it made my eyes really water trying to put it on.
So you can make the decision to purchase some makeup from Love and Beauty line at Forever 21. :)
Let me know if you have tried anything that you love from Love and Beauty line at Forever 21!??!
REMEMBER: Beauty Isn't Makeup!
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