I always feel like I lean towards preppy styles in fall with all the plaid and chunky sweaters. Here is a cute outfit I wore one day and I absolutely Love it!
Jeans: Forever 21 for $19.50. These are skinny blue denim jeans. I wear them all the time :)
Sweater: Forever 21 this was a recent buy for $19.50. It is an off-white cable knit sweater.
Plaid Shirt: Hollister. It is a blue, lime and white colored plaid shirt. I got this so long ago BUT any plaid shirt would rock under this adorable sweater!

Earrings: Dusty Pink Rose Studs from Francesca's Collections $9.00

Braided Double Headband: This is in a suede brown leather material. I got this from Claires for a 2 for 10 deal.

Bag: Michael Kors. I got this from Marshalls for $145!! I love this bag and the amazing deal I got with it. You can use it a crossbody or just the straps for a tote look. I love the leather straps on the sides of the bag! SO CUTE :)

Watch: This is a tan rubber watched with rhinestones around it. I got this from Francesca's Collections. This watch was $18.00

Shoes: Toms. They are navy basic canvas shoes. I love my tom's. These are $40 but half of your money goes to another pair of shoes for someone who might not have any shoes in another country! I love when my shopping habits help others.

HOPE you guys liked my outfit.

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