Hey Everyone!!
I am all about oversized sweaters and leggings this fall! Comfty is the new chic :)

Gray Sweater: Forever 21. I got this last season. Its huge and comfty!!! I'm not sure the price tag on this one.

Black Leggings: Forever 21. These are their essential leggings. I got these for about $5 or $6.....pretty cheap! I swear I own like 4 or 5 pairs because I live in black leggings!!!

Floral Scarf: Target. I got this scarf this past spring at Target for $14.99. I love this scarf!! Its huge and warm and soft!!! I love scarves that can give a plain outfit a pop of color!

Arm Candy:
Rhinestoned Bracelet: Loft
Turquoise Cross Bracelet: Ebay for $3.00 and free shipping (just search sideways cross bracelet!)
Leather Turquoise Bracelet: Forever 21 for around $6.00

I thought it would be cute to tie in the turquoise.

Earrings: These are cute ivory rose studs. I got these off of an Etsy shop for like $3.00!! I love them...I am pretty sure I have worn them in a previous Outfit Of The Day :)

Taupe Suede Tie Up Boots: Steve Madden. I got these at Marshalls on clearance last spring for like $20!!! I love these shoes and they look great with leggings!

"A Smile is a Woman's Best Accessory, Sequins are Always Appropriate No Matter What The Occasion, & Some Days Simply Require A Glass of Champagne"-- Taylor Sterling