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Here is what I got in my October Birchbox :)

If you don't know what Birchbox is....It is a monthly sample subscription box. It sends beauty samples that are new or trending at the moment. If you fall in love with the samples, you can purchase full sizes at www.birchbox.com The box is $10 a month.

This month they have paper that promoted the website goop.com. This website has product , recipes, city guides, and tons of other things I guess from all around the world? I believe all of these things in the box are from goop or goop put these things together???
I do have to say. I opened this box.....and it smelled AWFULLLL. I've never smelt anything this awful ever....I don't know if it is one of the products or the paper or a combination of all the above....but I am almost barfed when I opened it up...no joke.
 So lets see what I got!....

1. This is the Kusmi Tea. I am very excited about this tea because I love tea....but I'm not exactly happy that I got tea in a beauty sample subscription? Although the orange tea is chocolate and orange tea which sounds very delicious! The green packaged tea is a detox tea which I am also excited to try!! Full size is $21.95 Final Thought: Ill try it.

2. Luna Lemon Zest bar. I'm very surprised they put a Luna bar in this box? I mean I am all about a protein bar but I am just not interested. It says a pack of 15 is $18.95..I am pretty sure I can buy one of these at Target for a buck? Final Thought: Disappointed.

3. Eve Lom Cleanser and Muslin Cloth. THIS IS THE SMELL!!! I couldn't even open this up because the smell is the most awful smell I have ever smelt...EVER. YUCK. The product claims to cleanse the face and tone it? Whatever this thing IS NOT touching my face. Full size $22-$50. I'm NOT happy with this product...actually this makes me want to cancel my birchbox. Final Thought: AWFUL

4. Caudlie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum. This is a face serum that is meant to brighten your skin and fade dark spots. This actually smells really fresh which is a relief from that last product. I have never used a face serum but I would definitely like to try it. My gripe is this is such a small sample size that I don't know if I will even get to reallllllly test the product? Full Size is $79. Final Thought: Meh I will give it a try?

5. Orofluido Beauty Elixir. This oil for your hair. It has argan, linseed, and cyperus oil. It also has a great vanilla scent which I actually reallly like! I really like oils in my hair after I shower so I am very excited for this product. This might be my favorite thing in the birchbox. Full size is $29.99. Final Thought: Excited!!!


6. Jouer Lip Enhancer. This is a conditioning lip treatment. It has no smell....I will take no smell over that awful smelling thing any day. Although I was super upset with the other Jouer product I got last month....So I am not sure about this product. I do love things that help my lips I am just not sure this is the product to help my lips out. It is clear and glossy which is nice. Full size is $14. Final Thought: Meh...I'll give it a try?
Overall, I am actually very upset with this box. Sample sizes are small....box smells like barf.....and I got tea and protein bar? So overall to me my box is NOT worth $10. I am not sure I will be staying with birchbox much longer.
Check out my October Birchbox video on Youtube. ALSO There is a bonus review of last months birchbox products!!
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