Hey Everyone,
I have seen all over Pinterest that THIS is the perfect nude lipstick for all skin tone types.
Sooooo I decided to splurge and purchase!
This is M.A.C's Creme D' Nude. It is a cremesheen lipstick. This means is sheer colored lipstick with a creme finish.....fancy that.

It is a very pale pinky nude. It definitely has a pink undertone. I really do think this is a very basic nude color to have. If you like nude lip colors, this is a very good nude color!
I purchased this at Macy's for $15 at the M.A.C counter.

It has a vanillay scent or taste? I think it tastes vanilla-y haha. I really like the smell though!!

The color slightly washes out my lips. Although it washes it out, I kind of like the color!? I really think this is a perfect pinky nude. The product quality is great as MAC lipsticks always are. I think the color is totally an everyday wearable color.
I think this is great to wear alone or with a gloss over top. I was going to buy a MAC gloss to put over top but I just spent $15 on a lipstick so I just couldn't allow the wallet to budge anymore haha.

This is the color swatched on my hand as well. As you can see, it really blends into the color of my natural skin tone. It really is NUDE :)

Overall, definitely consider splurging over this nude lipstick. I think it is a basic to have in your makeup collection. I think I will get tons of wear out of this lipstick!!!
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