Hey Everyone!!
I decided to do an easy outfit that you could transfer easily from day to night. This is a super casual outfit and bumped up into a dressier look!!
Here is my Day Look! :)
Blue Jeans: Forever 21....They are NOT the $10.50 jeans I always wear. These were around $19 and are thicker better quality. I still love those $10.50 jeans!!!
White and Red Striped Shirt- This is a very comfortable shirt and is almost a light sweater like material. I got this from Forever 21 for around 17 bucks.

Shoes- Target. They were around 16 bucks. They are a light blue demin sneaker. They are so cute and comfortable!!

Here is the Night Look! :)
Navy Blue Blazer: Forever 21. This was around $20 bucks. It has pin-strip detailing on the cuffs. I love this jacket and thought it was very cute with the red striped shirt. I feel very patriotic :)

Gold Chain Layered Necklace: Hey what do you know got this from Forever 21 as well!!! This was from last season.

Nude Wood Wedge Shoes: Jessica Simpson but I got them at Tjmaxx for around $20 or $25!! Love these shoes. They are comfortable yet super cute and go with just about everything!!!

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