Hey Everyone,

I am so excited to share this with you. My mom had asked me a couple weeks ago about Forever 21 nailpolish and asked me how it was. I realized I didn't own any from my FAVORITE store!!!
Forever 21 has a beauty line called Love and Beauty. So my mom decided to pick up a couple of cheap fall nailpolish from Forever 21 and sent them to me. She did great at picking colors didn't she!!??
 I always saw the nailpolish at Forever but just always pushed it off as mostly likely "cheap" nailpolish. I never really gave it much thought until my mom decided to send me some to try out.
The nailpolish was around $2.80.
This is what the nailpolish looks like on the nails.

The seafoam green color is one coat. The bronzed glittery color is two coats.
Pretty amazing right!!????

I also topped off the nailpolish with the Out The Door top coat. This is my absolute favorite top coat!! It is $4.99 at Target or any drugstore.

The seafoam green color is amazing! The formula is thicker and almost gelly-like. I literally swiped one coat on my nails and that is ALL I needed!! This was absolutely amazing. This particular color is really pretty on the nails!

This glittery bronzed coppery color took two coats. Which isn't too bad. I thought it was going to be extremely sheer, but it wasn't as sheer. I put the first coat and I immediately thought oh no this is going to look awful!? But then I applied a second coat and it was so opaque!!! I am not sure if this is the fact with the other Love and Beauty glitter polishes. I really love this color for fall!!!!

Now here is the down side to these wonderful polishes. THEY CHIP SO EASILY!! My nailpolish seriously was destroyed and chipped apart 3 days after application. I was soooo bummed because it was so pretty going on.
Overall, I really think if you find a color you love....try it!!! I think its a great nailpolish especially if you like the color......JUST don't expect it to last weeks. I would say this polish is.....an outfit polish....or a night out polish :)
Hope you enjoyed this review. SO now go on and try out some Forever 21 polish!! :)
Until Next Time,